Novosil p 3000

Novosil p 3000

Non-ionic silicone elastomeric, nano-emulsion Excellent for white fabric and garments.
Non-yellowing elastomeric non-ionic softener for high drape, nanoemulsion.
Novosil p 3000 is used for the finishing of natural fibres, wool, synthetic microfibres and blends. Fabric enhancer and softening agent developed from PDMS- the safest silicone in nano-emulsions. This can impart excellent hand and drape performance to textiles.
Extremely suitable for white textiles. • Non-yellowing, safe for white textiles.
• Non-ionic
• Can be nebulised for finishes.
• Can be applied along with resins.
• Improved crease recovery and fabric elasticity.
• Improved anti-static properties.
• Excellent effect at low-level addition.
• Stable on broad temperature level (40 – 90oC)
• Stable over wide pH Range
• Can be applied by pad, exhaust and spray methods.
• Easily soluble in cold water.

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