Organic range of Products

Most of our innovations and product development are inspired by feed-back collected from our interactions with end-users and business owners

Green chemistry for clean products

In contrast to non-sustainable and non-renewable stoichiometric chemicals, oxidants with potential risk of exposure to handling storage and transportation, fossil fuel and polymer-based products, inorganic acids, we have introduced green chemistry with highly-efficient (one shot, fewer resources, less waste, less time) and stable under ambient conditions. This is by the innovation of more eco-friendly microbial enzyme based (platform chemicals) products, synthesized natural organic products and synthetically developed renewable molecule compiled with bio chemicals etc. Green chemistry helps to deal with most of the toxic pollution and exposure hazard of laundering industry.

Why Vegan ?!

No harmful chemicals, No animal products For a product to adhere to ‘vegan’ principles, there is some agreement that it must not contain any materials which have been derived from, or tested on, animals. In practice, there are multiple materials that contain, or may contain, animal derivatives, and for there to be an assurance that a product is truly ‘vegan. Strict control of the supply chain is required to ensure only plant origin and safe chemical product only enters to the system. This a part of our strict practice and resolve to have ethical products and process system. With the growth in veganism looking set to continue, assuring customers that a product is ‘vegan’ offers the chemical products ward of any animal origin products and cruelty free, safe and sustainable products. Atlantic only offer Vegan products for laundry industry with the strict monitoring and certification of Global vegan society UK.

Sustainable Laundry Practice

“Sustainable laundry production is a practice that attempts to reduce the use of the Earth's natural resources and depleting resources. Practitioners of sustainable laundering often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of chemicals selection, production and process, transportation, energy consumption, and waist generation.

Wide Range of Certifications

We follow a business model that strives for employing fewer materials and resources for producing products and/or services, extending the life of current products and/or services through refurbishment and remanufacturing and closing the loop of products’ life by recycle assessment”. In short, we seek to reduce, retain, and recycle.

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