DNA dyeing by chromo-gene dyeing technology. Novel neutral cellulases developed from native species without altering DNA (Non-GMO) and food grade anionic dyes structural modified for high substantivity with cellulosic fibres. This next-generation dyeing method is simple, user-friendly and potentially consumes very low quantity chemicals and utilities. The colour binding to the chromophore is designed with the carbohydrate-binding domine part of the enzyme protein which holds the hydrophilic dyes at the molecular level which is been fixed by the bath conditions attributed to the other ingredients in the formulation. This is absolutely new technology or a new way of looking up to the cellulosic textile colouring process. This process will ward off most of the inorganic or non-biodegradable auxiliaries being used in. Amongst conventional methods like salt, soda ash, surfactants, acids, phosphonate sequestrants etc. the one makes the safest and most economical colouring method. There can be pitfalls like variants of colour availability, very dark colours ..etc, this unique method can be taken as an option for light and medium shades. This process offers many advantages commercially and environmentally with very low exposure hazards.

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