OBAS 610

OBAS 610

Optical brightener and anionic dye stripper from cellulosic fabrics.
OBAS 610 is a special auxiliary to remove the OBA from cotton and cellulosic-rich fabrics. It can also strip the anionic-dyed cellulosic fabrics for re-dyeing. It can completely remove the OBA from the fabric surface after stripping treatment. OBAS 610 works as an excellent stripping agent for reactive dyes and other anionic dyes on cellulosic or its blends.
Traces of OBA or dyes residue present in the machine can interfere with subsequent dyeing leading to stains or shade changes. These residues are successfully removed before dyeing by using OBAS 610. The product needs to be washed off well with Novochlore Neutra after stripping.
• Excellent stripping agent for OBA and reactive dyes from cellulosic fabrics.
• Complete OBA can be removed without traces.
• Minimal effect of fabric shade when re-dyeing.
• Easy application.
• No adverse effect on machinery or substrates.
• Safe formula.

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