Novo Greencrease DF2

Novo Greencrease DF2

Organic resin finishing agent. NOVO GREEN CREASE DF2 is a specially developed organic resin finishing agent (cross-linking) from glycerol, a waste product from bio diesel production. It can be used to produce formaldehyde-free 3D effects, whiskers, wrinkles etc., on ready-made garments under low temperature curing conditions. If applied correctly it does not cause unpleasant odours.
• Gives durable “wash & wear” effects without chlorine retention.
• Suitable for white and dyed fabrics giving a comfortable handle.
• It is compatible with the auxiliaries commonly used for resin finishing.
• 3D wrinkle fixing etc. with curing temperature of 100°C
This is used to obtain special effect on made up garments and fabrics in cotton and viscose. Apart from this it will increase the tearing strength, dry / wet crocking fastness and ozone/ light fastness. Green crease DF2 will also work as an excellent colour binding agent and crocking fastness improver for indigo and sulphur dyed fabric and garments.

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