Novosil ULTRA HF

Novosil ULTRA HF

(Hydrophilic, Moisture wicking & moisture management softener)
4th generation fabric enhancer and softening agent developed from PDMS- the safest silicone in micro-emulsions. This can impart excellent wicking performance to textiles. Moisture management, cool comfort, anti-static and hydrophilic softener. Apart from this, it will attribute excellent softness to the treated garments.
• Durable hydrophilic finish
• Rapid strike–through.
• Can be nebulized for finishes.
• Anti-static
• Quick drying.
• Stability in alkaline environments, high temperatures and under high shear forces.
• Moisture management for cotton and cellulosic fibres.
• Stable to metal salts and suitable for easy care finishes with resins.
• Increase fabric resilience, enhances easy acre and easy ironing properties.

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