SRP 160

SRP 160

One shot levelling and dye bath stabilizing agent.
Advanced new generation dye bath aid, levelling and fixing agent.
Advanced next generation dye fixing agent developed for direct, reactivate and acid dyeing. This enables salt free dyeing and high level fixation in the dye bath itself, saves water, time and energy. Excellent soaping and fixing agent for post washing of dyed fabrics and garments . In conventional Method of dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes, alkaline PH should maintain in the dye bath.
This method requires more electrolytes for exhaustion and alkali for fixation. When SRP 160 is used in the dye bath the primary hydroxyl groups of cellulose is (partially) modified into a amide groups, which intern offers high exhaustion and fixation with out the presence of salt. Since the active group in SRP 160 is expected to form ionic bonds with anionic water-soluble group of reactive dyes, the dyeability of cellulosic fibre with reactive and other anionic dyes improves.

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