Ecolite GC - GOTS - V-5.0

Ecolite GC - GOTS - V-5.0

Green Substitution of sodium hydro sulphite It is a reducing agent for indigo and other vat dyes and is an excellent substitution for sodium hydrosulphite in colour stripping and reduction clearing. It is safer to use, has a greater strength, and has a better shelf life. It can be used for stripping cellulose fibre or bleaching wool or silk. The redox potential, reducing power and stability of ECOLITE GC is well determined and compared with sodium hydrosulphite. It’s effectiveness in the reduction clearing of polyester dyeing and prints is well examined using wet fastness tests When used in equimolar amounts, hydrosulphite and ECOLITE GC give a wash fastness of 4-5 at 60C. Excellent for sulphur garment dyeing.

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